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Premium Glass Straws

Toughened glass straws. Sustainable, reusable & eco friendly. Shop Now

Reusable Insulated Cups

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Eco Friendly Drinkware

Our range of products offer environmentally friendly, reusable solutions to help reduce single use plastic waste.

Billions of plastic straws are wasted each year globally, our mission is to help reduce this.

An estimated 500 billion plastic disposable cups are used every year around the world and thrown away almost immediately. Our reusable cups are designed to replace these and reduce single use plastic cups.

No toxins. BPA free. Dishwasher safe.

Reusable Glass Straws

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Why Choose Glass Straws?

With billions of plastic disposable straws being put in general waste per year, we are starting to face the issue of these straws ending up in landfill, our oceans and the environment in general. Due to the environmental impact the UK government enforced a single use plastic straw ban in 2021. Many single use straws such as paper straws offer a poor user experience.

This is why VASO launched a range of premium glass straws, to offer consumers a reusable, sustainable and recyclable product that delivers a 100% pure taste as they are free from plastics, toxins, mineral oils and BPA. The straws are also easy to clean, simply wash them with your glassware in the sink or pop them in your dishwasher.

The VASO glass straws are produced in Germany from strong, premium quality glass. The structure and glass have been engineered to provide a safe alternative to disposable straws. We also offer a range of high quality bamboo travel cases, designed specifically for our three lengths of straws. Each of our straw products along with their packaging are created from sustainable materials, that are fully recyclable.

Stainless steel. Dual wall. Vacuum insulated.

Reusable Cups

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Insulated Cups, Flutes & Tumblers

VASO launched their range of cups, flutes and tumblers to offer consumers a reusable alternative to single use cups.

Each of our cups are made from BPA free, food grade (304) 18/8 stainless steel. They feature a dual wall, vacuum insulated construction with a powder coated finish. This helps to maintain hot or cold temperatures for your drinks and reduce any condensation on the outside.

Our range of cups are available in a variety of styles and sizes. From stemless flutes to stemless tumblers and large cups, our range has a perfect pairing for you. VASO’s range of reusable cups are easy to clean. Simply wash the cup and lid in warm soapy water.

High quality. Reusable.


Our Mission

VASO are a UK based company with a mission to provide consumers with high quality, reusable drinkware that helps to reduce single use plastic waste. Our products and their packaging aim to be as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible.

Each order that we ship will be packed using recyclable packing materials where possible to help create a sustainable delivery ecosystem.

Together we can help to reduce some of the single use plastic waste produced each year and lower our environmental footprint.

Press & Features

VASO products have been featured & reviewed by a variety of publications.

As featured in the "Christmas Unwrapped" supplement of The Guardian

The Guardian

"Smart straws! Femail's drink expert Helen McGinn rates the best eco alternatives"

Daily MailHelen McGinn

"A great sustainable and plastic-free idea that’s also super chic."

Ethica Magazine

"These premium glass straws are a great invention. If you’re still using plastic straws, why?"

Gail Porter


Excellent rated customer reviews on Trustpilot

Love these straws, perfect for gin & tonic. I've had one of these straws for along time and take it everywhere in the bamboo holder. I've brought more for presents as they are so nice to drink with and such good quality. The glass is so much nicer than the metal straws. Fast delivery and great communication.

AuroraTrustpilot Review

Well, I must admit I was slightly dubious about the insulated champagne flutes but thought I would give them a try for our trip to Wimbledon. Wow, they are perfect.
They live up to the claim of insulating cold beverages without condensation on the outside of the flute.
I don’t usually enjoy champagne when not served in a glass but there was no loss of taste, bubbles and drinking pleasure. Even the little ‘sippy lids’ were a bonus.
Truly happy with my purchase. Will be buying more as gifts.

ThomasonTrustpilot Review

Very easy site to use and the idea is genius!! Love the brushes lol.
The carry case for my straw is wonderful (who would have thought a straw could have accessories and be wonderful!)
I have one for myself and I have bought one as a gift for a friend.
I really believe that everyone needs a reusable straw!
I would recommend VASO to anyone. The delivery was very timely.

Beverley LomasTrustpilot Review

Fantastic! Lovely design and very nice to hold and drink out of. On the first outing to london it was commented on by a fellow picnicer. Asking where I had purchased my VASO mug. I shared the details. But not my lovely chilled drink!

Jayne GoodeTrustpilot Review