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Billions of plastic straws are wasted each year globally, our mission is to help reduce this.

Why Glass Straws?

Reusable Straws

With billions of plastic disposable straws being put in general waste per year, we are starting to face the issue of these straws ending up in landfill, our oceans and the environment in general. Due to the environmental impact that of single use straws consumers are starting to look for reusable solutions.

VASO’s range of premium glass straws offer consumers a reusable, sustainable and recyclable product that delivers a 100% pure taste as they are free from plastics, toxins, mineral oils and BPA. The straws are also easy to clean, simply wash them with your glassware in the sink or pop them in your dishwasher.

About Us


VASO are a UK based company with a mission to provide consumers with a reusable solution to disposable drinking straws, that are sustainable, environmentally friendly, recyclable, safe and do not compromise on taste.

Each of our straws has been designed to be strong and safe to use. They are manufactured in Germany from a strong, premium quality glass that contains only natural materials. This makes each straw durable, food safe, recyclable and even dishwasher safe.

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"It is a great idea and i love that they are reusable and easy to wash too."

"It makes any drink taste SO much better. The cold refreshing feeling of drinking though the glass is something you’ve got to try."

"VASO glass straws are a perfect alternative to plastic straws which we all know are bad for the environment."

"Environmentally friendly alternative to plastics."

"I can already see that these are going to be so much easier to keep clean than the metal ones."

"I have to mention top marks to Vaso for totally plastic free packaging too."

"We have loved trying out these straws. The quality is superb, they look stunning and add a real sense of style."