Usage & Care


We have some general usage guidelines outlined below. If you have any questions regarding usage and care then please get in touch with us so that we can answer your queries.

  • Only use our products for their intended use, i.e. as a straw for consuming drinks.
  • Do not attempt to chew or purposefully break the straws. Although the straws are extremely durable and shouldn’t break, they should still be treated as any other form of glassware.
  • Do not drop on to hard surfaces or hit them purposefully on to surfaces.
  • Treat and care for your glass straw as you would any other glassware.
  • Always check straws for damage and do not use them if they become damaged.
  • We advise that our straws should only be used by adults.
  • Only use within the advised temperature range.
  • Ensure that the straws have been cleaned thoroughly before use.


Our range of glass straws have been designed with a 9mm diameter so that they are suitable for a variety of drinks. From smoothies to water our straws will deliver a great experience.


We recommend that our glass straws should not be used by children, but ultimately, it’s at the discretion of the parent or guardian.


VASO’s range of straws have been tested to extremely high temperatures, however to ensure that the straws have a long lifespan, we recommend that they are to be used within the -40 degrees to +200 degrees range. Whether this is for cleaning on consuming liquids. As the straws have a thick wall (1.5mm) and are made from glass they conduct much less heat when compared to metal straws, so are great for warm or cold beverages.



Please take care of your glass straws, ensuring that they are clean and not damaged prior to use. Despite the robust structural design, we advise users to treat our glass straws as you would any other glassware.


To correctly store your glass straws, we advise that users either retain packaging to house them or to place them in their own sectioned space within a cutlery draw to restrict other items causing any damage. Alternatively, we offer a range of bamboo storage cases, specifically designed to accommodate each size of our straws, providing a safe storage and travel solution.


To clean your glass straws, you can either place them in your dishwasher’s cutlery holder and clean on any standard cleaning cycle. Alternatively wash them in the sink with warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly before allowing to dry on your draining board.


In the event of accidentally breaking one of our straws, please ensure that all of the broken glass is cleaned up and disposed of safely. Please do not use our straws if they have any cracking, breaking, chips or other damage. Always assess the straws prior to use to ensure that there are no signs of damage. Our glass straws can be recycled in glass bottle banks or via glass recycling services offered by local authorities.