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Everything You Can Do to Celebrate Earth Day 2024

Earth Day is fast-approaching and this year, it falls on Monday 22nd April. However, that’s nothing new. Earth Day was first celebrated on 22nd April 1970, and it’s been recognised on that day ever since - for the last 54 years. However, despite being an established date in the calendar for the last five decades, Earth Day is still something that not many people are aware of. In this article, we’ll be discussing what Earth Day is, together with some activities you can do to help celebrate Earth Day 2024 accordingly.

What is Earth Day?

The first Earth Day took place on 22nd April 1970 in the USA. It started when San Francisco-based activist, John McConnell, partnered up with Wisconsin-based Senator, Gaylord Nelson, to make Americans more aware of dangerous environmental issues, such as: air pollution, toxic drinking water and the negative impact that pesticides have on the wildlife and, subsequently, the planet.

After their plea to get Americans to do what they could for the environment, many of them ventured outdoors as a result, coming together to add more plants and flowers to their gardens, litter picking, refraining from using pesticides and campaigning for a more responsible way of getting rid of waste, ensuring it doesn’t end up in nearby water sources. As a result of the success of the day, it was quickly dubbed as Earth Day.

This meant that the general public could make more of an effort to be environmentally-responsible every single year, and during the weeks and months in between. No matter the year, Earth Day will aways take place on 22nd April, with the day of the week changing as the years go along. Make sure you add it to your calendar as a day to celebrate, not just this year, but every year.

How to celebrate Earth Day 2024

If you’re looking to do your utmost to celebrate Earth Day this year, then you might be wondering how, exactly, you can give the day a nod yourself and from the comfort of your own home. With that in mind, we’ve left some suggestions below for everyone to take part in, whether you’re looking to do what you can in and around the house, or are wanting to get out and about and spend some time outdoors, here’s how you can celebrate Earth Day 2024:

Plant a flower, bush, trees or shrub

A great way of celebrating Earth Day is to plant a flower, a bush or a shrub in the garden. You could even plant a tree in the garden if you have enough space. Trees and plants are essential for looking after the environment, and the wildlife. Shrubs, bushes, trees and flowers have the ability to cool things down, clear the air and encourage them to give off more oxygen. As well as this, the advantages of planting flowers, bushes, shrubs and trees include:

  • Cool overheated places
  • Capture carbon
  • Benefits agriculture
  • Supports pollinators
  • Reduces the risk of disease transmission
  • Boosts local economies

Ditch the car & use a bike or walk instead

Something that is a really simple switch to make is walking or cycling as opposed to taking the car everywhere. Not only is it great for your health and fitness but it helps to reduce the emissions and toxins that are released into the environment. If you must drive somewhere, or if it’s too far to walk or cycle, then get a bus or a tram to your destination, or do a lift share with someone else.

Do your best to conserve water

It’s essential that we’re doing what we can to conserve the water we use. It’s important to keep our reservoirs topped up, especially throughout the summer months, to avoid hosepipe bans and droughts, for example. You might be wondering what you can do to try and save as much water as you can in and around the home, so here are some tips for you:

  • Install a water-saving showerhead
  • Don’t leave the water running while you brush your teeth
  • Check toilets for leaks or constant running water
  • Only use the dishwasher for full loads and set it off sparingly
  • Plant out flowers and shrubs that are drought-resilient
  • Install a water butt in the garden to collect rainwater

Bring reusable shopping bags

No matter where you’re going, whether it’s the supermarket or the local shopping centre for some new clothes, make sure you bring a reusable bag with you. Despite many shops switching to paper bags as opposed to plastic ones, it’s still better to refrain from using those paper bags, even if you have the intention to recycle them. It helps to reduce the amount of waste you’re producing, therefore limiting your carbon footprint in the process. You’ll also find that reusable bags will last far longer than thin plastic or paper alternatives., especially if you’re doing a big food shop.

Use reusable coffee cups, water bottles & straws

Carrying on from the previous point of reducing the amount of waste we produce, something else you should refrain from using are single-use coffee cups, water bottles and even straws, even if they’re made from paper or bamboo rather than plastic materials. Reusable alternatives are incredibly durable, so they can be used continuously for years to come. Reusable cups, bottles and straws should be considered an investment, because many coffee shops will actually charge for single-use paper cups as a way of encouraging the use of reusable products.

Here at VASO, we have a wide range of reusable cups and reusable straws available for you to choose from. Whether you’re commuting to work or are just wanting to make more of an environmental impact, there will be a sleek and modern reusable cup on offer that will seamlessly suit your lifestyle. Likewise with our reusable glass straws. Reusable straws will never disintegrate as you use them, meaning they’ll last for decades with the right care. Give a nod to Earth Day 2024 by purchasing a reusable coffee cup or a pack of reusable straws.

Buy your food & produce as locally as you can

Buying your food locally is a great way of helping out local and independent businesses. Not only that, but their produce will be grown and handmade in the most eco-friendly way possible, especially as much of it will be made from scratch, by hand, and not through the use of huge industrial machines that run 24 hours a day.

As well as saving energy, you’ll also be consuming quality food and drink when compared to huge high-street supermarket chains. Also, if you shop as locally as you can, you’re limiting your own carbon footprint as you won’t have to travel as far for your shopping. To celebrate Earth Day 2024, do your shopping in the local vicinity.

Shop second-hand for clothes

If you’re looking for a change to your wardrobe or need a new outfit, then opt to look through second-hand stores, like charity shops, for your new look. If you don’t enjoy charity shopping, then you could ask friends and family if they have items of clothing that they don’t want or you could offer to do a clothing swap. Either way, it’s always best not to buy brand new clothing if you’re wanting to celebrate Earth Day.

Unsubscribe from catalogues

These days, it’s possible to subscribe to email listings where catalogues will be sent to you virtually, rather than through the post. You should take the plunge and unsubscribe from any of the physical catalogues that you keep getting in the post. It doesn’t take long to do, but it’s something that you can dedicate time to on Earth Day 2024.

Support the pollinators

It’s paramount that you’re doing what you can to support the pollinators, including bees, especially at this time of year when they start to become more active. Something you can do to support the pollinators is to plant vibrant, strong-smelling flowers and plants. You should also make bug houses and hotels and ensure there’s plenty of water around for bees to drink, rest and rehydrate, especially on hot and sunny days. However, you’re likely to see bees on Earth Day, so support the pollinators in time for the 22nd April.

Volunteer to do some litter picking

Litter picking is something that most communities will take part in, consisting of people of various ages who are passionate about keeping the area clean and looking after the planet. This is something that you don’t just have to do on Earth Day, however. You can take part in regular clean up operations near you, ridding the community of waste products whilst protecting the wildlife as well. You might well experience a newfound vocation as a result of litter picking for Earth Day 2024.