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8 Reasons Why You Should Always Carry a Reusable Straw

Reusable straws are becoming increasingly more popular, especially as more research has come about the effect that disposable straws, particularly those made from plastic, are having on the environment. According to Earth Org, 500 million plastic straws are used and disposed of every single day in the USA alone.

The UK contributes 4.93 million tonnes of plastic every single year, with 7% of it being made up of plastic straws, claims Green Match. Although this doesn’t sound like much, it still accounts for a considerable amount of unnecessary plastic waste, as Green Match also states that the UK disposes of 8.5 billion plastic straws annually.

This has since led to a ban on the use of plastic straws in Britain, among other things, with eating establishments throughout the country ditching their plastic straws for paper alternatives. Although paper is far easier to recycle and it can also biodegrade, it’s still considered to be even more beneficial if you do not produce any waste at all. This is where reusable straws come in.

Here at VASO, we have a wide range of reusable glass straws available. Varying in sizes and lengths, and with portable options on offer as well, complete with their own bamboo case, it's never been easier to make the switch to reusable straw alternatives, even when on the go. With a portable reusable straw, you won’t be forced to use a paper one when out and about. In addition to that, there are many other benefits to making sure you’re always carrying a reusable straw, and we’ll go through those with you in this article:

1. They help protect the environment

We’ver already touched on the fact that plastic straws have a detrimental effect on the plant, ending up being permanently dumped in oceans and landfill every single year. By choosing to always carry a reusable straw, you’ll be cutting down on the waste you’re producing. If you carry a reusable straw, or even use them at home, you’ll feel an immense satisfaction knowing that you’re not contributing to the problem.

2. They’re convenient

It’s a convenient option to keep a reusable straw on you when you’re on the go. Not only do you not have to use a disposable alternative, even if it’s paper, but you’ll also be helping to keep your teeth clean. Drinking beverages through a straw stops the liquid from coming into contact with your teeth, so if this is something that you’re particularly concerned about, then always having a reusable straw on your person would make for a convenient option.

3. They don’t contain any dangerous chemicals

It’s long been known that disposable straws, both paper and plastic, contain chemicals that shouldn’t be consumed by humans, including PFAS, TFA and TMAS. Essentially, these are ‘forever chemicals’ that are found in disposable straws, including, surprisingly, straws that are made from both plastic and paper, according to the Food Navigator. If you’re concerned about ingesting the toxic chemicals that are contained within both plastic and paper straws, then you should make the switch to reusable glass straws instead.

4. They slow down the production of disposable straws

If you’re making the switch to reusable straws, and if you continue to use them instead of disposable options, you’ll help to slow down the production of those straws considerably. Imagine if the whole country switched to reusable straws, then the production of plastic and paper straws would grind to a halt.

Just because people aren’t using disposable straws, doesn’t mean to say that the production of them will cease entirely. Often the very process of producing brand new straws adds to the climate crisis as factories need electricity to be able to continue production. Glass reusable straws can be used over and over again, limiting the need to keep producing new disposable options.

5. In the long run, they’re more cost-effective

Despite costing more initially, reusable glass straws can be used over and over again. Once you have them in your possession, there will be no need to keep purchasing new ones. With both plastic and paper straws, you will need to keep buying more in order to replace the used ones. In the long run, you could spend more in disposable straws than you would have done if you’d purchased reusable options in the first place. In addition, as we’ve already talked about, it will also help to stop the production of disposable straws.

6. You’ll stand out from the crowd

Reusable glass straws are a sleek and modern option for anyone looking to stand out from the crowd. Whilst everyone else around you is using paper straws, you’ll be turning heads with your contemporary, stylish reusable glass straw. Not only are they great for when you’re on the go, but they’re also a worthwhile addition to your kitchenware. Reusable glass straws will add a hint of elegance to your dinner parties or even if you’re just having a few drinks with friends in the comfort of your own home. You never know, you might even persuade them to make the switch as well.

7. They’re easy to clean & maintain

You might not think that reusable glass straws are hygienic, but you’d be mistaken. They’re actually exceptionally clean, possibly even more so than plastic or paper straws. This is because most of them will come with their own cleaning kits and cases, as well as pouches and other items to help ensure they’re well maintained throughout their long lifespan. For absolute peace of mind when it comes to he cleanliness of your drinking straws, make sure you’re choosing reusable straws instead of disposable ones.

8. You’ll be helping to protect marine life

Perhaps one of the most important reasons to start carrying a reusable straw, protecting the oceans and the marine life that call it their home is paramount to helping the planet. According to a study published by the PNAS, it’s estimated that 99% of seabirds will have ingested plastic by the year 2050. In addition to that, WFF found that 100,000 marine mammals are killed as a result of plastic pollution per year. This is only set to get worse if we continue to contaminate the oceans with plastic.

The Ocean Conservancy claims that 8 million metric tonnes of plastic end up in the ocean, with that number set to double by as soon as 2025, according to the Jambeck Research Group. As such, it’s never been more important to help protect marine life by making a switch to, not only reusable straws, but reusable cups as well.You’ll be able to purchase both from us here at VASO.