Branded Glass Straws

VASO's glass straws are available with custom branding for businesses wishing to offer an alternative to disposable straws. We can provide straws with printed logos, custom text or messaging that will be sure to make an impact to users.

The branded glass straws are available in 15cm, 20cm, 23cm and 30cm lengths, each featuring a high quality finish with rounded ends and a 9mm diameter with 1.5mm thick wall. We utilise 10KK food grade ink to print on to the straws which provides many benefits compared to engraving or laser etching methods. Our straws are also easy to maintain, simply clean them with other glassware or pop them in a dishwasher.

Custom Branded Glass Straws


We have provided bespoke branded straws to a variety of clients in the events planning, hospitality and gastronomy sectors. Some of the types of applications our branded straws are outlined below:

  • Retail: Branded products to be sold to consumers as gifts or as a reusable upsell to drink beverages within an establishment.
  • Corporate: Reinforce a brand by providing staff of clients with a branded straw.
  • Gift Market: As a relatively low cost item, glass straws featuring custom branding are perfect for the gift shop market.
  • Events: Create a memorable gift for attendees at weddings, fundraisers or parties.
  • Hospitality: Provide consumers with a pure taste of drinks in coffee shops, bars and hotels.
  • Gastronomy: A perfect alternative to single use straws for kitchens and restaurants.

Branded glass straws can be utilised in a variety of places such as cafes, bars, restaurants and hotels or even as gifts at weddings, fundraisers, parties and events.

Custom Branded Glass Straws


There are a variety of reasons why businesses are choosing to provide glass straws as outlined below:

  • Reducing waste by delivering a plastic free alternative.
  • Strong glass engineered in Germany.
  • Smooth rounded ends and elegant finish.
  • Unaffected taste as each straw is free from BPA’s, toxins or mineral oils.
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable solution to disposable straws that help reduce plastic waste.
  • Easy to clean, simply wash with other glassware or place them in a dishwasher.
  • Deliver a unique, custom branded solution for brand exposure.
  • Recyclable at glass banks or by glass collection recycling services.

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